Institute of Physical Chemistry

  • Institute of Physical Chemistry

  • Group Picture (December 2019)

  • Halloysit-PMMA composite

    scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image
  • Halloysit-PMMA composite

    AFM phase image - distortions due to double tip
  • quartz crystal resonators

    as used with a QCM

  • feature article on quartz crystal microbalance

    published in Analytical Chemistry
  • proceedings of PNG 2010 conference

    (organized by IPC, Clausthal University of Technology)
  • experiments on film formation

  • study trip to Pirelli Germany

  • Old Masters

  • Physical Chemistry in education

    impression from a lab course
  • photo-rheometry

    with home-made illumination for
    studies of photochemical crosslinking reactions
  • study trip to Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

  • field day: hiking tour to Brocken

  • X-ray structure analysis

     J.J. Nie at Bruker D8 X-ray diffractometer

  • X-ray diffractogram

    unoriented, slightly crystalline it-Poly(butene-1)
  • X-ray diffractogram

    unoriented, highly crystalline it-Poly(butene-1)
  • X-ray diffractogram

    oriented, highly crystalline it-Poly(butene-1)

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