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For the DFG project 500106119 "A voltage modulation QCM: application to kinetic studies on electrode processes" we are looking for a PhD student.  Charge transfer at electrodes plays an important role in batteries and fuel cells, but also in corrosion and chemical sensing.  The research project will establish and exploit new experimental approaches to study processes at electrode surfaces.  These approaches make use of the combination of classical electrochemical methods (e.g. chronoamperometry, voltammetry, and square wave voltammetry, in particular) with an acoustic characterization of the surface using the quartz crystal microbalance (QCM).  Recently, the group has increased the precision and the speed of this instrument by a factor of about 100.  This progress shall be applied to study electrode processes.  One particular aspect is the electroresponsivity of thin polymer layers, such as swelling and deswelling under the influence of an electric potential.  In parallel, friction and adhesion of these surfaces change.  These layers form switchable surfaces. In addition to a degree in chemistry, physics or a related discipline, an openness to the Python programming language is expected.

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